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Reconstructs iPhone/iPod touch folder contents from backed up folder BackupFolderReconstruct reconstructs iPhone/iPod touch folder contents from backed up folder. The backed up files have been changed its name and the folder has lost its hierarchical structure so it's hard to find out the data file you want to see. BackupFolderReconstruct recovers its name and hierarchy, so the developer can find and check any files which is stored in the iPhone. It can't send back the data to iPhone of course, it just helps to check the contents.To use BackupFolderReconstruct, just launch it and choose backed up folder via folder open dialog. Then it automatically reconstructs the folder structure, copies the files and re-name them. The backed up folder is located at?/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup Note: The author of this software takes no responsibility whatsoever for any problems or unfortunate incidents resulting from use of this software. The user assumes all risks for using this software on their own machine.

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