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Boldt 24 Pack Volume III

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Makes sure that SoundFonts properly work in GarageBand. Boldt 24-Pack is a package of Software Instruments for GarageBand and Logic / Logic Express.Boldt 24-Pack is made from various sounds from and other various resources that have faded away over time. It's possible to use some of these "SoundFonts" directly in GarageBand using DLSMusicDevice, but many of them loose quality and fail to work correctly if you do it that way. The purpose of Boldt 24-Pack is to make the best of the available SoundFonts work in GarageBand properly.All of the original sounds have been converted to GarageBand's native EXS-24 format and linked to appropriate Generators using modified PST files. This procedure is too complicated for the average user, so this is why Boldt 24-Pack exists. Now all you have to do is just press install!

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