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MegaDialer - Handy tool for VoIP users MegaDialer is a handy tool for VoIP users that allows you to manage your addressbook(s) and VoIP dialer(s) without headache of transferring data between all your contact data sources and dialers.Easy to install - easy to use. Configuration wizard helps to add new addressbook or VoIP dialer in no time. Smart interface allows quickly find phone number and redirect call to suitable dialer.Large addressbooks support. Most of softwarehardware VoIP dialers are very good in question of communication and voice transfer, but have problems to handle large addressbooks.Shared addressbooks access. Usualy VoIP phones save their addressbooks in a "funny" data format. So the only way to exchange data is manual importexport routine. With MegaDialer you can use all your contacts with different VoIP dialers. (For example, with MegaDialer you can dial your SkypeOut contacts via GizmoProject.)Multilanguage support. No problems with national characters from different languages in the same addressbook.Contact search. Intuitive and powerful search by name andor phone number.

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