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A tool that can attempt to recover lost or erased files from digital media. PhotoRescue is a tool that can attempt to recover lost or erased files from digital media. PhotoRescue Expert supports many file formats but the focus is on digital photography file formats like JPEG, TIFF, NEF, Compressed NEF and CRW file.PhotoRescue is an advanced data-recovery solution for digital photography media. Whether you have erased your pictures or formatted your card by mistake, or you have experienced a crash, PhotoRescue may help. Here are some key features of "PhotoRescue Expert": · Works with all the types of media used in digital camera (SD Cards, CF Cards, Memeory Sticks, etc... etc... · Cutting edge QT based user interface: common cross-platform interface. No learning curve or differences between versions. · Native Intel Support on Mac OS X: several times faster than version 2.x in native mode. · Up-to-Date RAW file recovery support: supports latest cameras such as the Canon 400D and many more... · Improved Movie recovery: we keep increasing the maximum movie recovery size. · One year of free updates: keep abreast of technology changes, new file formats and technologies. · Unlimited recoveries: use our program as many times as you need to use it. · No media size limits. No recovery limits. Non expiring license: the program is yours to keep and use. · No copy protection: no unfriendly copy protection scheme or intrusive activation mechanism. · Free demo with guaranteed previews: unlike some of our competitors who use the small embedded thumbnail as a preview of the recovery, we generate our preview on the fly, from actual card data. Requirements: · An external card reader, preferably USB or Firewire. · Some disk space, up to three times the size of the media you are trying to recover. Limitations: · You can't save any of the files you saved. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Enhances the movie recovery process. · Adds new RAW file formats.

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