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Removes EU volume limit from some iPods goPod allows you to remove the EU Volume limitation from 3rd and 4th generation iPods, and iPod minis.goPod is a command line program that allows you to remove the EU Volume limitation on EU iPod's.To apply the tweak, you may have to launch your iPod in HDD mode.To do so, in iTunes, select your iPod and click on the disk icon onthe lower-right part of the iTunes window.Launch goPod. Just click go to cap it/uncap your iPod. If it is not detected, clicking go will make goPod trying to detect it again.JUST CLICK ON GO ONCE, it may take some time (5 seconds). I know it's a bit "slow", but this is for compatibility reasons :)Once your iPod is capped/uncapped, you *may* have to restart it. To do so, press the 'menu' button and the central button during 3 seconds if you are using a 4G iPod or the 'menu' and 'play' buttons if you have a 3G until you can see an apple.This reboot should be automatic.WARNING: You are the only one responsible for the use you make with this program or any damage it could cause to you iPod. goPod is provided for information purpose only. Moreover, uncapping your iPod and using it is illegal in France.

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