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Transfer tracks and playlists from iPod to Mac Unlike other iPod software to copy songs off the iPod, iPod.iTunes does real add-synchronization, even in two directions, if desired. It combines easy of use with guiding, iTunes auto sync suppression, and other unique features.iPod.iTunes evaluates the source for content (songs, videos, podcasts and/or playlists) and only adds missing content seamlessly to the target, without duplicates, saving your time.Unlike iTunes' own one-way mirror-synchronization iPod.iTunes leaves your content intact, nothing will be deleted during synchronizations (add-synchronization). iPod.iTunes is also able to transfer song dependent meta data like "Last Played", "Play Count", "My Rating",album artwork, etc... Here are some key features of "iPod.iTunes": · One-click synchronization. · Works independently of your · iTunes- and iPod settings. More... · Suppress iTunes' own iPod sync with a single mouse click, so iTunes cannot delete content on the iPod. · Active guiding. · Superior iTunes integration including playlists and meta data. · 8 synchronization modes in 2 directions (from iPod to iTunes and from iTunes to iPod). · Option to choose songs manually if you don't want to copy all missing songs. iPod.iTunes presents missing songs/videos directly in iTunes! You can inspect/listen to songs and videos before you choose to copy them. · Songs and playlists can be synchronized together or separately. · Supported formats: MP3, AAC/MP4, Protected AAC (iTunes Music Store), Audible audio books, Podcasts, Apple Lossless, Video. · Copies seamlessly to existing songs in the iTunes music folder (or any other folder). · Copied files are named as iTunes does. · Never overwrites any existing files. · Creates a date&time-stamped playlist in iTunes with a reference to the copied songs. · Supports Windows-formatted iPods. · Support for the iPod's "On The Go" playlist. · iPod.iTunes can run directly off the iPod, so it's always there when you need it. · Registration is independent of the computer. Just connect your iPod to any Mac without the need to register the Mac. · One-click application updating. · Universal Binary - runs native on Intel/PPC. · Keep songs/videos and playlists on different Macs and iPods up to date. · Do a full restore of songs/videos and playlists from your iPod - i.e. after a hard disk failure or if you buy a new Mac. · Revert accident deletion of songs, videos and playlists in iTunes, if these are still on your iPod. · Synchronize from iTunes to a "foreign" iPod (an iPod linked/synced to another iTunes library) without deleting the iPod, like iTunes does. · Synchronize to a linked/synced iPod without deleting content on it as iTunes' own synchronization does when content on the iPod is no longer in the iTunes library. · Transfer an iTunes library from one Mac to another via an iPod. · Clone an iPod (see the application's Help menu). · Backup an iPod. (see the application's Help menu). Requirements: · An Apple Macintosh with an Intel, G3, G4 or G5 processor · iTunes version 4.2 or later · A Mac- or Windows-formatted iPod Limitations: · An unregistered version of the software skips about 50% of tracks/playlists during synchronization. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Under circumstances the “Supress iTunes’ auto sync”-feature” could not be used with an iPod shuffle.

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