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  • Lock and Unlock File via Folder Lock
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  • Lock Folder Lock File!
    Lock Folder Lock File!

    Using Lock Folder Lock File! you can protect files, entire folders or even entire drives from unauthorized access by password protecting them and making them invisible. The program is easy to use while still offering you an exceptionally high degree of performance and that essential extra layer of security. Lock Folder Lock File! is a great program to use on a laptop as well, since if it gets lost or stolen, your data will still be protected.

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  • Lock File :none see ur file
    Lock File :none see ur file

    Encrypt your files with password, so that no one can read/see them even they get your phone at hand.You can encrypt photos,text files preventing those who can easily get your phone from seeing them.Each encrypted file is protected with a password.You can encryt your photo, text file, music, video(it could take long for encrypting video...!)for example, you have hot sexy photos, don't want children or anyone to see them. Encrypt them.You have secret financial statement, encrypt it.Encrypt your credit card password.Encrypt your file before sending important email.Sending encrypted files through internet so that no one can see the content even if they get it.

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    • File Lock
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    • File Lock PRO
      File Lock PRO

      File Lock PRO is an easy-to-use and intuitive program for encrypting and password protecting your private files and folders. You can lock or hide files, protect files located on your PC hard drive or any portable media such as USB drives. File Lock PRO is the perfect companion to any PC. It works great for securing your files on laptop and notebook computers. If your computer, laptop, usb drive or other portable media was lost or stolen, you can rest assured that your files are encrypted and safe. The software uses 256-bit AES encryption (Encryption Standard Adopted by the US Government) to protect your files. Not only will File Lock PRO encrypt your sensitive files it can also completely hide and restrict access to your files. This allows the user to have multiple layers of protection. Main features: [ul][li]Securely email, backup or upload your files:[/li] [li]Use File Lock PRO to safely lock files before you email, backup or upload them to an FTP site. Files that are locked by the application are completely secure and portable. Your protected files can only be opened with the original password[/li] [li]Completely hide your private files:[/li] [li]File Lock can safely and completely hide any type of data file. A hacker, snooper, or child can't discover files they can't see and don't know exist[/li] [li]Securely erase / delete files:[/li] [li]Safely, securely and completely delete files from your computer. With the file shredder feature of File Lock, you can permanently erase your unwanted files from your hard drive. Secure file deletion will prevent recovery of your private data[/li] [li]Prevent recovery of previously deleted files:[/li] [li]When you delete a file, the data is not actually gone. The operating system only marks the file as deleted. The file will still remain on the hard drive until another file is created that writes over top of it. Free space cleaner will safely prevent recovery of deleted files.[/li] [/ul]

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    • Text File Lock
      Text File Lock

      Do you have TEXT documents on your phone that you don't want others to see? Confidential? Want to password protect them? Then ‘TEXT Lock’ is the solution! Use the simple user interface and quickly secure your TEXT documents The first screen shows all the TEXT documents you have on the SD (memory) card You can use the TEXT Lock file explorer by selecting the list icon and manually exploring the SD (memory) card to find documents to secure. Using the file explorer you can also add, edit, delete, copy, past and move files, zip and share files TO SECURE TEXT DOCUMENTS Long click / tap on the document you wish to protect and select 'Encrypt' Once encrypted the icon of the document will be shown as a padlock To view the file you must decrypt the document first by long click / tap on the document and select 'Decrypt' Ad free! Other features: * Ad free * User friendly interface * Secure TEXT documents using AES encryption * Using file explorer add, edit, delete, copy, past and move files, zip and share files This is a BETA release, many more features coming soon PLEASE BACKUP YOUR DOCUMENTS TO YOUR PC BEFORE USING THIS APPLICATION Keywords: TEXT, TEXT secure, lock, hide, document security For any queries / problems email us at Tags: android file lock using password, pasword para power point lock android, image & video hider java monkey, file lock with password in java for android, file lock with password in android java.

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      • Lock My File
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      • File Execution Lock
        File Execution Lock

        This shareware allows you to encrypt/lock, decrypt/unlock files and folders, based on your needs. You also could use this shareware to run an encrypted file or encrypted folder of your chosen, and the file or folder in question remains encrypted/locked after the execution. Moreover, this is a fully functional 30-day shareware. Try it now!

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      • XtremeSafe File Lock
        XtremeSafe File Lock

        Protect your files by encryption using a strong algorithm. XtremeSafe File Lock V1.0 provides a better solution for protecting your privacy and business secret. That's the advantage of XtremeSafe File Lock V1.0: Secure -- Dedicated on really secure encryption technology, rather than the tricks like hiding files or modifying file attributes. Strong -- The encryption algorithm is as strong as that in Auto Teller Machines. Easy to use -- Encrypt a file by just 2 mouse-clicks. Free --Totally free to download and trial.

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      • Lock My File
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