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  • Saeaut Scada Web Client (1 Client Access License)
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  • Q&A Client
    Q&A Client

    This application enables you to join worldwide questionnaire or take exam/test and mark your answer. [Functions] 1)Questionnaire: Select a questionnaire from list to answer a set of questions in it, then sent your answers to the host. 2)Exam/Test: Select a exam/test from list to answer a set of questions in it, then mark how many correct answers you have got. Confirmation dialog is displayed after reaching the last question. To search by title, select 'Search by Title' option menu(press menu key) on list during 1) or 2). Use this application to answer questions created by 'Q&A Host' application.

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    • Client

      Do not download this file.

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      • Client

        Client is a Mac Os X application used to store clients informations and invoices Client is a Mac Os X application used to store clients informations and invoices.Also, Client let you create a database for your items, manage your week tasks, print invoices and much more! A simple OS X interface and a lot of new features make of Client a great finance application for every business.Client has been totally remade for this new version. You won't recognize it! However, Client 2.0 is so much different from the first version that it is not compatible with version 1.0 to 1.2.1... but, don't forget: a registered user of Client is a registered user for life! You may so register Client 2.0 with the same serial number as the first version.What's New in This Release:A print preferences has been added and the Credit and Debit window now displays balanced clients.

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      • ruTracker Client
        ruTracker Client

        Клиент для торрент-обменника У всех у кого проблема со входом на сайт, прошу напишите мне в теме Возможности: - Можно выбрать только нужные разделы трекера; - Объединение раздач с одинаковым именем; - Объединение до 10 страниц трекера; - Сортировка разделов; Tags: я иду домой андроид, rutracker client apk, rutracker.client.v.1.4.apk, rutracker, "я иду домой" android.

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        • Silkroad-R Client
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        • Shadowsocks Client
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        • MacroPhone Client
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        • Ircicle

          A Java IRC Client Ircicle is a simple IRC client written in Java. Here are some key features of "Ircicle": · Time stamps · Actions · Nick Completion · Nicer Text Alignment · Changed tab position · Using substance 4 so the client now works in Java 1.5 Requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Added two new parameters, one for the nick prefix so your users can be something other than ircicle. · The colour can be changed to either light or the old dark theme. · SVN is updated.

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        • irclogger

          irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers. irclogger is a simple "bot", a program connecting as a client on IRC servers to provide a web log of what is said. It is built to provide a simple and web-compliant service.Irclogger was done to: * Be used on intranets, where users can be trusted and will not try constantly to crack the system. Thus the bot do not need to provide the plethora of anti-hackers, channel defending measures * Provide privacy, users can set passwords on the log files, change them, but cannot remove them * Be another web tool, the bot obey just the minimal IRC commands to log or not a channel. All the rest is done via a web browser. Each logged phrase becomes a part of the web with its own URL. I could not find a bot satisfying these criteria. All were huge monsters with bloated functionalities of dubious utility, many were disgusting amounts of ugly perl code.I stumbled on a nice unfinished python bot "logger" by Sean B. Palmer and Dan Connolly, so I used it as a base for irclogger, and added html view of the logs.irclogger consists of 2 parts: * irclogger, a python IRC client writing text logs in the MIRC format. * CGI shell scripts, (bash) to be used from a web server to format the logs into html and provide searching in them. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · A new "only URLs" view was added. · Search results are no longer incorrectly offset by one line. · The program now works with new agrep versions.

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        • jIRCii

          jIRCii is an Internet Relay Chat client (IRC) for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. jIRCii project is an Internet Relay Chat client (IRC) for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux.jIRCii provides an irc experience similiar to ircii, hADES, and BitchX with the advantages of a solid user interface.Features include DCC/CTCP support, multiple server connections, IRC over SSL support, tab key nickname completion, and over 75 built-in commands. jIRCii is fully scriptable using sleep, a Perl-like language. Requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · A bug making it impossible to close DCC stats and the channel list was fixed. · Bugs with various IRCds were fixed. · The scripting engine was upgraded to the latest Sleep, featuring 16 fixes and enhancements for scripters.

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        • MSNCP

          The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net. The MSNCP is a complete client that works over the MSN net. It's a Python script and doesn't require any installation.MSNCP is written on Curses and takes the MSN protocol support from the Alberto Bertogli's msnlib.The basic idea of the MSNCP is to be an easy and intuitive MMS client that could run on a ASCII console with a complete GUI.The project is licenced under the GNU's GPL license. The msnlib has OSL 2.0 license.All the MSNCP client was written by Sebastin Santisi.Beta means that the client doesn't have yet all the features that I think needs for a complete client, but I think it is fully usable. You can use the client as an alternative to the Microsoft client.

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        • F-IRC

          F-IRC provides a console IRC client. F-IRC provides a console IRC client.F-IRC is an IRC client for the console. It supports multiple servers, scrollback, and all the basic features one can expect from an IRC client.When F-IRC is started, you'll see a list of channels and servers on the right.The box around these is inverted. That means that if you use the left- and theright cursor, they will work on the channels etc. If you press ^n, the box willno longer be inverted and you can use the cursor keys for editting what you're typing.If the channel-box is selected, press key right on a channel to get a list ofpeople in that channel. Press key left to exit this (and return to the list ofchannels) or press key right on a name to get a menu via which you can kickand ban people as well as get information on them. Press left on a server tohide all the channels for that server, press right to unhide all channels.Press cursor right on a channel to enter that channel. If there's a star infront of channelname, someone wrote something in that channel. Press ^w tojump directly to the next channel in which someone wrote something.What's New in This Release:· The cursor is finally visible in the edit-line.· The program now runs on 64-bit platforms as well.

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        • KMyIRC

          KMyIRC provides an IRC client for KDE which strives to be useful and easy without being bloated. KMyIRC provides an IRC client for KDE which strives to be useful and easy without being bloated.It was created because it was felt that the other KDE-based IRC clients were either not user-friendly or burdened with features that are not useful to the average IRC user.What's New in This Release:· Fixed bug in /part command· Added member varibale "KMIChannelWindow::parted" to class KMIChannelWindow· Added /leave command· Added new ircMessage parsing object· Added logging facility for raw irc messages· Added some more irc-servers and groups to global config file (kmyircrc)· Added some widgets to raw irc message window for logging stuff

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        • PlanetaMessenger

, the universal Instant Messenger fully written in java., the universal Instant Messenger fully written in java. Welcome to This site is the home of, the universal Instant Messenger fully written in java.You have 2 first, and better, possibilities to install If you're in Windows, you can install it using the native installer. To install using the native installer, please go to and get the latest Windows release (type exe 32-bit Windows). The installer creates all shortcuts needed to launch and uninstall the application.The other possibility is download the Platform independent installer and install it using the command (in command line):java -jar planetamessenger*.jarThe java based installer will guide you throught installation process. After finish the installation process, go to's installation directory, enter in bin directory, then you can launch the following (for Linux/Solaris and other UNIXes users)planetamessenger.bat (for Windows users) Here are some key features of "PlanetaMessenger": · Plugin support for many IM networks like, ICQ, AIM, MSN, ComVC, Yahoo, Jabber and so on. · Multi-profile support. Future improvements: · Support to internationalization. · Skins, and much more

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        • YSM

          YSM is an ICQ console client. YSM is a Free, open source (GPL license) console based ICQ client written in the C language. The project was born in the year 2001 when Mirabilis (AOL) introduced a new version of the ICQ protocol.Full of humor and interesting features, ysm has an easy to use command line interface which allows faster communication with your contacts and provides many OS dependent comfortable options.YSM project has been tested to run on Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BeOS, QNX, Irix, SunOS and OS/2.Here are some key features of "YSM":· consoled based client· ICQ protocol version 7 and 8.· plaintext and encrypted (AES algorithm) message sending.· plaintext and encrypted (AES algorithm) file transfers.· contacts download and upload from/to ICQ servers.· search features.· invisible, visible and ignore lists management.· fingerprinting of remote clients.· sending/receiving of URLs.· sending/receiving of contacts.· OS dependent comfortable options.· and lots of more features!What's New in This Release:· A major bugfix related to the ability to send and receive messages. · A recent protocol change had disabled the messaging functionality.

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        • Jimm

          Jimm is an ICQclone for mobile devices with J2ME (MIDP) technology. Jimm is a native ICQ clone for Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME), Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 1.0 and 2.0 . It supports the new v8 protocol, former protocols are not supported.Jimm is the most lightweight ICQ clone available, so please do not expect the same features your favourite desktop client has. Here are some key features of "Jimm": · Request and read the server side contact list · Send plain messages (type 1 and 2) · Receive plain messages (type 1, 2 and 4, and offline messages) · Send URL messages (type 4) · Send and receive status messages (away, n/a, etc.) · Receive URL messages (type 1, 2 and 4, and offline messages) · Send file transfer messages and send files (type 2 and direct connection) · Set your status (away, n/a, etc.) · Receive status updates (user is away, n/a, etc.) · Request information about other users · Remove users from the server side contact list · Add users to the server side contact list · Rename users on the server side contact list · Search for users · Answer authorization requests · Multilingual user interface

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        • Perl Chat
          Perl Chat

 Perl Chat is a project that consists of a client and a server, both written in perl.The goal of this project is to create a chat server that can be used on smaller networks such as a college campus or a business network. Both the client and the server are written in Perl, and the client uses the Tk module to generate its GUI.Installation:First of all you need a working version of Perl. Preferably 5.6 but 5.005X should also work fine. For versions of Perl Chat < 0.1.0 you will need to compile Perl with Threads. (Keep in mind that Threads are still experimental) I designed this program with Perl 5.6.0 which can be found HERE.You will need to read the installation instructions to compile it with Threads. I advise anyone who is doing this to install this new version of perl into /usr/local/ so as to not overwrite your old perl. Then by changing the first line of the script you can toggle between the different installs of perl.

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