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  • msn-pecan

    msn-pecan is an alternative MSN protocol plugin for libpurple msn-pecan is an alternative MSN protocol plugin for libpurple The current development of the MSN protocol plug-in seems to be lagging because of bad development decisions.This is a fork of that code with a much faster development process. Here are some key features of "msn-pecan": · Support for personal messages (readonly) · Server-side storage for display names · Partial direct connection support · Improved network IO · Improved error handling · Network issues tested with netem · GObject usage What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Timeout issues fixed (switchboard error) · Better offline messages receiving support · Offline message sending support · Reorganization of P2P code (less crashes) · Several crash fixes · Adium improvements · Performance improvements · Massive code reorganization

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  • pidgin-festival

    A plugin for Pidgin that interfaces with the popular program festival pidgin-festival is a plugin for Pidgin that interfaces with the popular program festival. It allows for instant messages to be spoken by festival so you can hear it through your speakers.Installation:Untar the archive: tar zxvf pidgin-festival-VERSION.tar.gzRun autogen ./autogen.shConfigure: ./configure or to install using a custom install of Pidgin: PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/pidgin/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --prefix=/opt/pidginAs long as you haven't gotten any error messages during the configure script, you'll be read to compile. To compile just type 'make': make Pidgin-Festival will install to the pidgin lib directory. This directory is usually /usr/local/lib/pidgin, so be sure you have write access to these directories, or use 'su' to become root and then run 'make install': make installOnce thats done, you are good to go. Restart Pidgin, go into preferences, then to plugins. Enable Festival. Requirements: · Pidgin

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  • pidgin-musictracker

    A Pidgin 'now playing' plugin to publicize the songs you are listening to in your status message. pidgin-musictracker is a Pidgin 'now playing' plugin to publicize the songs you are listening to in your status message.Currently supported players:Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, Exaile, feed, Listen, MPD, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, XMMS, XMMS2Notes:XMMS/Audacious 1.3: Title format needs to be set as '%p | %a | %t' in the players preferences. Delimiter choice '|' can be changed in musictracker settings. Here are some key features of "pidgin-musictracker": · Allows you to customize the status string with various fields extracted from your media player such as artist, album, track, duration, progress bar, etc. · Different status messages for various media player states such as Playing, Paused and Stopped. · Supports per-account status format customization. · Optional profanity filter for words in the status. Requirements: · Pidgin What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Fix the Spanish translation, so that the translation of 'MusicTracker' menu item is not a translation of the instructions to translators for translating the 'MusicTracker' menu item, but a translation of the 'MusicTracker' menu item. · Fix a bug preventing track time retrieval from banshee 1.0; it's a uint not an int · Tidy up XMMS interface to reduce debug output spam and fix a memory leak · Avoid a dlopen() leak if and are both present · Rewrite status message generation to allow the addition of "%s" in the message format as the pidgin saved status and clarify the logic a lot ( issue 19 ) · More adjustments to MSN compatible WM_COPYDATA message catcher, to deal with the message in the form Spotify sends ( issue 128 ). · Correct a mistake in the WM_COPYDATA parser which meant album information wasn't captured in one possible format. · It seems that the MSN compatible WM_COPYDATA parser was incorrect and the artist and title were swapped in lots of cases; try to impove this so the "swap artist and title" preference shouldn't need to be turned on so often. · Minor corrections and additions to French(fr) and Spanish(es) translations. Add partial Indonesian(id) translation, contributed via launchpad · Add a fallback to g_timeout_add() when built with GLib versions prior to 2.14.0, which do not have g_timeout_add_seconds() ( issue 125 ) · Apply a patch to fix XMMS2 0.6 track information retrieval from chewi ( issue 71 ). This change is incompatible with XMMS2

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  • Kopete Antispam Plugin
    Kopete Antispam Plugin

    A Kopete plugin, which allows to ignore spam messages. Kopete Antispam Plugin is a Kopete plugin, which allows to ignore spam messages by using simple by using simple answer/question scheme: Potential spammers receive a simple question, and they are ignored until they answers question.Installation:- Install kopete headers. In Debian/Ubuntu it's kdenetwork-dev package- Download Kopete Antispam Plugin's latest source- Untar it- Call in console:./configuremakesudo make install Requirements: · Kopete What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Multiple answers support, patterns in answers · Fixes in contact deleting in KDE 4.2

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  • Kopete Upside-down Plugin
    Kopete Upside-down Plugin

    A Kopete plugin that reverses latin characters and punctuation marks Kopete Upside-down Plugin is a simple Python program that takes input from stdin and pipes it to stdout reversing latin characters and punctuation marks by using latin character based symbols from Unicode so that an impression of upside-down written text is created.Simply save this program, make sure Python is installed and add the script to the Kopete pipes plugin.You can enhance the script by adding special substitution rules (see variable TRANSLITERATIONS which has an example for German sharp-S). Support for diacritics is included but fails on common rendering systems for most cases as no rendering rules exist for these artificial instances. Requirements: · KDE

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  • Gfire

    Xfire for Pidgin Gfire is an open source plugin for Pidgin which allows you to connect the Xfire network. Here are some key features of "Gfire": · Friend’s list · Add & Remove friends · View friend’s current game (games list updated weekly) · View friend’s profiles · Join friend’s server · Detects games and logs game time · Set your status as “Away from Keyboard (AFK)” · Set custom status Requirements: · Pidgin · gtk+ What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Stable, bugfix release.

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  • mod_spox

    mod_spox is a Ruby IRC bot. mod_spox is a Ruby IRC bot. It has the capability to utilize various databases for information storage and uses a plugin architecture for expandable functionality. Currently, mod_spox is in an alpha state, though functional. Work is now being focused on finding any bugs currently in the framework as well as porting old plugins to the new architecture. About Ruby:Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general purpose object-oriented programming language that combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features. Ruby originated in Japan during the mid-1990s and was initially developed and designed by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto.Ruby supports multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object oriented, imperative and reflection. It also has a dynamic type system and automatic memory management; it is therefore similar in varying respects to Python, Perl, Lisp, Dylan, and CLU.In its current, official implementation, written in C, Ruby is a single-pass interpreted language. There is currently no specification of the Ruby language, so the original implementation is considered to be the de facto reference. As of 2008, there are a number of complete or upcoming alternative implementations of the Ruby language, including YARV, JRuby, Rubinius, IronRuby, and MacRuby, each of which takes a different approach, with JRuby and IronRuby providing just-in-time compilation functionality. Requirements: · Ruby

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  • gaim-galago

    gaim-galago is a Galago plugin for Gaim. gaim-galago is a Galago plugin for Gaim.Installation:The simplest way to compile this package is:1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to configure the package for your system. If you're using `csh' on an old version of System V, you might need to type `sh ./configure' instead to prevent `csh' from trying to execute `configure' itself.Running `configure' takes awhile. While running, it prints some messages telling which features it is checking for.2. Type `make' to compile the package.3. Optionally, type `make check' to run any self-tests that come with the package.4. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and documentation.5. You can remove the program binaries and object files from the source code directory by typing `make clean'. To also remove the files that `configure' created (so you can compile the package for a different kind of computer), type `make distclean'. There is also a `make maintainer-clean' target, but that is intended mainly for the package's developers. If you use it, you may have to get all sorts of other programs in order to regenerate files that came with the distribution.What's New in This Release:· Add a German translation from Andreas Kohn. (Bug #50)· Fixed idle time reporting.

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  • Kopete OTR Plugin
    Kopete OTR Plugin

    Kopete OTR Plugin enables Off-The-Record encryption for the KDE instant messenger Kopete. Kopete OTR Plugin enables Off-The-Record encryption for the KDE instant messenger Kopete. It is based on libotr-3.0.0 available at Using this plugin you can encrypt chatsessions to other users with IM-Cients supporting the OTR encryption method.What you need:A recent version of KDE including headers for compiling. Versions 3.5.5 and 3.5.6 are known to work. A recent Version of Kopete including headers. Versions 0.12.3, 0.12.4 and latest svn (thanks to MerlinTC - 22.03.07) are known to work. The libotr including headers. The plugin was developed against version 3.0.0. You will also need all the compile tools for compiling KDE applications.InstallationAfter downloading do the following: tar -jxvf kopete_otr.tar.bz2cd kopete_otr./configuremakemake installWhat's New in This Release:· KDE-4 Port. 0.8 is only for KDE-4.· GUI redesign due to the port· small fixes

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  • rediffbol-prpl

    A Rediffbol plugin for libpurple rediffbol-prpl is a Rediffbol plugin for libpurple, the backend that runs many well known open source messenger clients, including Pidgin, Adium etc.What works?- Sending and receiving chat messages, including offline messages.- Message formatting upto Italics and bold for received messages- Typing notifications.- Adding/Removing buddies and Authorizing/Denying addrequest.- Viewing and setting avatars (setting avatar is supported only through rediff's webinterface). Avatar is RediffBol's name for Buddy Icons.- Group management.What does not work [yet].- Font faces and font styles in received messages. (This was conciously not added for technical reasons).- Outgoing messages cannot be formatted.- Support for chat rooms not implemented yet.Shock.- HTTP proxy support (I believe this is technically possible. But there's some amount of work to be done for this :( ). Requirements: · Pidgin

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