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  • Simple Text Editor
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  • Simple Text Editor
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  • TX Text Control rich text editor
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  • Write & Say - Text editor with Text to Speech, Dropbox, Markdown & Translator + Export MP3 Voice
    Write & Say - Text editor with Text to Speech, Dropbox, Markdown & Translator + Export MP3 Voice

    The most innovative text editor with Text to Speech, Dropbox, Markdown & Translator + Export and mail your documents as MP3 voice files + 52 Voices + 3D Avatar +Translator 60 languages ********************NEW 52 MALE AND FEMALE TEXT TO SPEECH VOICES AT NO EXTRA COST Now you can use 52 amazing lifelike Text to Speech Multi-language Voices- 8 Voices for English - 4 Voices for French - 4 Voices for Italian - 7 Voices for Spanish - 3 Voices for Chinese - German, Portuguese, etc! 52 voices! ******************** Some comments from our users: - "I cannot live without it! and the text to speech voices are amazing, as well as the mp3s recordings! No language learner should go without this app!" - "This app is great. I write a paragraph. She reads it back to me. Misplaced words, missing words, extra words, mispelled words, become immediately apparent." **************** Write&Say is a text editor with advanced speech and translation capabilities that converts your text into natural-sounding speech. You can listen on your iPad or iPhone or create audio files for use on other devices (like iPods, MP3 players, etc.) It's designed to be elegant, minimal and distraction free. Write&Say user interface is easy, clear and simple. Write effortlessly your notes, papers, articles, blog posts, etc.Have Write&Say read your texts, emails, posts, news, documents, etc. with HiQ Text to Speech Voices and Special Sound Effects! Change voice timbre, speed and tone. Included male and female Text to Speech voices for these languages: American English, British English, Australian English, Canadian French, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Argentine Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Colombian Spanish, American Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, etc. Write&Say is an essential daily tool for business people, lawyers, teachers, students, second language learners, journalists, bloggers, researchers, people with speech or sight disabilities, doctors, writers, language specialists and power iPad and iPhone users. MAIN FEATURES - Write&Say distraction-free text editor, save your documents in plain text, HTML and Markdown formats. Preview your documents in a embedded web view. - Compatible with voice dictation feature in iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3 . Now you can dictate and use your voice in the text editor view instead of typing with keyboard.- Export documents in text or PDF format. Export via Dropbox, email, Evernote, Tumblr, Twitter and iTunes File Sharing. - Import documents from other Apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Mail, etc. with the "Open In" iOS feature- Translate any text from practically any language to Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc. More than 60 languages. - Useful new export audio file feature! Export your speech audio files via iTunes and play them in your computer, MP3 player, etc. Great for pod castings. You can also email MP3 speech audio file as a attachment.- Integrates an animated human-like Talking Virtual Assistant. - Pause, resume and repeat speech playbacks. Set the reading speed and voice language to your needs. - Insert Text to Speech user commands in your texts to control the voice speed, timbre, pitch, pauses, etc. Add special voice effects: Cry, Laugh, etc. - Copy emails, blog posts, news, text documents, web pages, etc from other Apps and paste them into Write&Say text editor and the Talking Virtual Assistant will read aloud for you! - Full screen mode in Landscape mode for iPhone and iPod Touch. - Use different document font styles, change size, type and color.- Extended keyboard with word jump, cursor arrows and punctuation keys without switching the keyboard.- Undo/Redo modifications while editing your text

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    • Text Gram - Customize your simple text messages with beautiful backgrounds and share using your favo
      Text Gram - Customize your simple text messages with beautiful backgrounds and share using your favo

      Send your own customized message! *** Easy as 1, 2, 3 *** 1. Select picture 2. Customize message 3. Send Main features: * Select a picture or choose your own from your Photo Gallery * Customized fonts and sizes * Send via email, iMessage, or text * Post to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram * Save to your Photo Gallery

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      • Text Hawk Text Editor
        Text Hawk Text Editor

        Text Hawk is a fast, multi-language Windows text editor that blends usability with simplicity. Experience ease-of-control and power as you effortlessly edit plain text files, programming source code, and HTML with Text Hawk Text Editor. Text Hawk's streamlined user interface gives you the ability to do exactly what you choose to do without any unwanted interruptions. Text Hawk's straightforward features all serve to make it as easy as possible for you to be more productive and efficient. Features include: appealing color syntax highlighting, tabbed document interface, powerful regular expression searching and replacing, superior speed and performance for editing large files, configurable auto indentation, an array of keyboard shortcuts, multiple context menus, over twenty programming and scripting languages available, and much more. Essentially, Text Hawk has all of the features you need as a power-user, but without all of the bloat that will get in the way of your work. This award-winning text editor is affordable and comes backed with a 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

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      • Simple Text
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      • Simple Text Widget
        Simple Text Widget

        Simple sentences or phrases on the desktop, enter the program is easy to enter. Does not require any permission is safe, clean and light program. Tags: simple text android, android simple text, simpletext widget, simpletext android, text widget android.

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        • Focused

          The first key to writing is… to write Have you ever been distracted by your desktop? Notifications, post-its, reminders, folders with weird names, background pictures? All this stuff can easily distract you and prevent getting focused.If you are a writer and you need to be concentrated on the current draft, Focused is a very helpful Adobe AIR application. We you run Focused you are in front of a full screen application, which shows you just a text box. This prevents you from having a look to other windows or tools that are potential distractors.The only thing you’ll see is just your text. Try it!Focused is an Adobe Air application, which runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.About Adobe AIRAdobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. In addition, Adobe Flex Builder for Linux can be used to build rich internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems using proven web technologies. Requirements: · Adobe AIR

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        • TextFlow

          A powerful and intuitive text editor, for developers. TextFlow has an extensible language system that provides custom features for many programming languages supported by the editor. Requirements: · Python

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        • TextEditor++

          Java text editor TextEditor++ is a free, open source and very handy text editor for the editing of both plain and formatted text files and printing. It's written in Java language so it's available for a lot of Operative Systems. Since release 1.2.0 there is a tool for PDF conversion. Requirements: · Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Now there is a tool for PDF conversion with a simple ckick.

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        • Tickle Text
          Tickle Text

          Tickle Text is a fast, lightweight text editor written in Tcl/Tk. Tickle Text is a fast, lightweight text editor written in Tcl/Tk, with an embedded xterm, and fluffy features to make it easy on the eyes (font size, font and bg color are configurable). Requirements: · Tcl/Tk What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · An posting feature was added.

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        • PadPaper

          PadPaper is a simple text editor. PadPaper is a simple text editor. This is a basic a GUI text editor, edits simple text files. Useful for making quick edits to files. A small text editor without many advanced features, however it may evolve into having specialized features.

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        • Mousepad

          Mousepad is a simple text editor for Xfce based on Leafpad. Mousepad is a simple text editor for Xfce based on Leafpad. Here are some key features of "Mousepad": · Complete support for UTF-8 text · Cut/Copy/Paste and Select All text · Search and Replace · Font selection · Word Wrap · Character coding selection · Auto character coding detection (UTF-8 and some code-sets) · Manual code-set setting · Infinite Undo/Redo by word · Auto Indent · Multi-line Indent · Display line numbers · Drag and Drop · Printing

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        • Katy

          Katy is a text editor for KDE, inspired by the Windows text editor, UltraEdit. Katy is a text editor for KDE, inspired by the Windows text editor, UltraEdit. Here are some key features of "Katy": · Nice keyboard navigation · CR/LF detection/conversion · Find/Replace · Editor font option · Tab Size option · TabChar/Spaces option · Tabs to Spaces/Spaces to Tabs · Single instance of Katy handles multiple windows/files · Statusbar tracking of line, column, insert/overwrite · Checking for external file changes · Windows menu listing open files Requirements: · KDE 3.x.x · Qt 3.0

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        • Marave

          A text editor that helps you focus on writing Marave is a configurable, pretty fullscreen text editor.Inspired by ommwriter and other similar projects, marave (it means "nothing" or "it doesn't matter" in guaraní) aims to be a simple, clean text editor that doesn't distract you from your writing.* Clean interface. Most of the time: NO interface* Pretty* CustomizableYou can have a nice background, or just a color. You can have a realtime spellchecker or not. You can have background music, keyboard feedback, or silence. Marave will try to be the way you want it to be. Requirements: · Python What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · Major bugs fixed, minor new features.

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        • Txtr

          Txtr is a simple and neat text editor designed for GNU/Linux written in Python.Product's homepage

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