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Facebook Passwords is a useful tool that allows you to recover a Facebook lost password from the browsers installed on your computer. If you are using the browser feature that allows you to remember the password, this application can retrieve the password with minimum effort. Since most of the Internet browsers offer to save the passwords for online accounts, you might forget your password if you do not use it frequently. If you need to use another computer or reinstall the operating system, this feature quickly becomes useless and you need to find a way to recover your password. Sure, you can reset your password and have a new one sent to your email address, but this requires more time especially if you use more than one account and different personal information. The Facebook Passwords app intends to help you with this task by automatically scanning the browsers memory and displaying the retrieved passwords. It can recover the credentials from most of the popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome with just one click. The interface is easy to use and displays the browser, the user name and the password. The retrieved information can be saved to a text file in order to use it later. Although the main purpose of the program is to recover your own credentials, it retrieves all the saved passwords from the installed browsers. It is your decision to use or to ignore the information but the important fact is that it is not always safe to save important passwords in the browser memory, especially on public computers. In our tests, the program recovered the saved passwords almost instantly. It requires insignificant resources and has no impact on the computer performance. There was an error message during the installation but it did not affect the program's ability to recover the passwords. Reviewed by Sorin Cirneala, last updated on November 28th, 2012

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