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A Nyquist plugin for Audacity Generates the Morse di-dah-dit tone patterns for text you type into the edit fields. Unusual initial caveat: The first time you use this plug-inin each Audacity session, it only generates one or two morse code characters. Undo the generated sound [control+z], then use the plug-in again. Occasionally this doesn't work either so undo the generated sound again, then click on the debug button instead of the okay button. The Audacity development team is aware of this unusual problem. Copy morse.ny into your Audacity plug-ins folder. Next time you open Audacity you'll find 'International Morse Code' under the generate menu. Variables: 1. 0=generate Morse code 1 or 2=display Morse phrases Set this value to 0 to generate Morse code. There are some short Morse code phrases [from 1 to 4 Morse characters] so set this value to 1 or 2 to see various Morse phrases listed on screen. Six of the so-called prosigns do not have the usual silent space between the two Morse characters, prepend these prosigns with a # number sign character, as displayed on page 1 of the help files. 2. Tone frequency [hz] Frequency of the generated tone, default 1kilohertz. 3. Unit time [milliseconds] Morse "a" is di-dah, "b" is dah-di-di-dit, and so on. Dit tones are 1 unit of time in duration, dah tones are 3 units of time in duration. Silent space between elements of a Morse character is one unit time, silent space between Morse characters is 3 units, and silent space between Morse words is 7 units. The default unit time value is 100 milliseconds. 4. Volume [percent] From a low volume of 10 percent of maximum, to 100 percent full volume. 5 through 9: String input fields In each of these fields you can enter text to convert into morse code. Blank lines are ignored, and one Morse "space" character is inserted between lines of text. You can enter letters, numbers, and a variety of punctuation listed at the top of the plug-in display. Punctuation marks not used in Morse do not generate any tones. Requirements:

  • Audacity

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